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What is Next Chapter Ventures?

We are a platform that offers various services to help female entrepreneurs take their business, ideas or project to the next level.

Whether you are a new company on the rise looking for crowdfunding to kick-start your business or an established business looking to grow and develop with funding; we’re here to provide all the steps, skills and support to get you there through our courses, crowdfunding platform and connections with investors.



Start your journey with crowdfunding to achieve your initial funding goals. Launch a campaign and receive marketing support and help on managing your campaign from our dedicated and experienced team!


Check out our workshops, courses and network to grow and fund your business. Learn how to grow your business and become investible so that you can build the business you have always dreamed of.


We offer a consultancy service providing knowledge, guidance and understanding for female-led businesses seeking funding options and connections. View our topics to see if we can help you out with issues, queries or knowing your funding options.

About Next Chapter Ventures:

Want to discuss how to take your business into your next chapter? Whether it is through a crowdfunding campaign, workshops and advice on growing your business model or putting you in touch with suitable investors & capital sources, we’re here to grow and take your business to the next level.



"Thank you for launching the programme; it has been really useful and eye-opening. Running a business I have been focused on how to grow the business and not enough time on the numbers which show exactly where to focus. The programme is instrumental for small business owners in understanding what you need to grow and find the right investment model that matches your business." ​ Marie Swarbreck Founder of FLEXImums
Marie Swarbreck

Marie Swarbreck

CEO & of FLEXImums - Empowering and connecting mums with companies

"We are very pleased with the Whizpa crowdfunding campaign on Next Chapter's platform. Not only were we able to raise more than the amount of funding we were targeting, but we were also able to generate pre-launch awareness of our product offering and even attracted the attention of media outlets such as the SCMP and the Standard. Nicole and her team provided invaluable support throughout, and our involvement with Next Chapter has far exceeded our expectations - thank you!" ​ Jennifer Chin Founder of
 Jennifer Chin

Jennifer Chin

Founder of Whizpa - Find & review kid’s activities

"The Next Chapter Get Ready for Funding program provides preparation for entering the next phase of your business growth and readiness for funding. From the basics to more advanced concepts, the program allows female founders to gain support, guidance and insights into the next steps in their trajectory armed with the knowledge of how best to approach funding." ​ Sarah Garner Founder of RETYKLE
Sarah Garner

Sarah Garner

Founder of RETYKLE - Buying & re-selling great quality baby & kid's clothing

"The Get Ready for Funding programme is unlike any incubator I have experienced. It is a highly immersive, interactive experience for founders and helps them grasp the workings of the funding world through candid conversations with investors, founders, legal experts and others. It is the perfect programme for first time founders who have launched a service / product and are now looking to scale. Unlike a lot of other programmes, it stays away from just theory, in fact, it focuses on real business issues such as knowing when to raise money, how to do it well and the financial / legal frameworks to scale a company sustainably. Not to mention the individualised focus and attention given to each participant by Nicole and team which makes it a truly valuable experience. Highly recommended!" Priyanka Gothi Founder & CEO of Retired, Not Out
Priyanka Gothi

Priyanka Gothi

CEO & Founder of Retired, Not Out - Connecting retired professionals with flexible opportunities

"I don’t know how many crowdfunding platforms out there of which the founder would spend face-to-face quality time with you planning your campaign. Together. Nicole from Next Chapter did. It was a no-brainer for me to pick Next Chapter because of its clear focus on female entrepreneurship which I am totally supportive of." ​ Sarah Li Founder of HelloDog
Sarah Li

Sarah Li

Founder of HelloDog - The Go-to-guide for dog parenting in Hong Kong

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“I believe women are best able to understand the needs and problems of other women, and to come up with practical, innovative solutions. And I believe women can and should dare to dream big and make their dreams come true. So my dream is to create a place where women feel confident, inspired and empowered to take action on their business dreams and create thriving, sustainable businesses”  – Nicole Denholder

Nicole Denholder

Nicole Denholder

The founder and CEO of Next Chapter is Nicole Denholder, an Australian who lives in Hong Kong with her husband and two children. Nicole worked in the capital markets group within PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Clients included global financial institutions and companies in the energy, shipping and auto industries. Her job took Nicole around the UK, Europe, New York, China, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa and Hong Kong. With PwC, she moved to Hong Kong in 2003, and left the firm in 2011 to start a family. Nicole is passionate about female entrepreneurship, and changing the way the funding system works so that the world benefits from the so-far undervalued and under-utilised talent and wisdom of women.
Sophia Nazer

Sophia Nazer

Digital Strategist & Marketer
Sophia is passionate about entrepreneurship and using digital strategy to create great relationships between businesses and their audience. Starting off her digital journey by assisting in teaching coding classes for kids and refugees, Sophia soon discovered her passion for digital marketing and communications. Now focused on how to best utilise web design and digital marketing to improve businesses and expand opportunities for other people. Sophia now works to help campaigns refine their message and construct their pre-launch marketing strategy. She also looks after Next Chapter digital marketing strategy and digital development while maintaining Next Chapter's events, social media and digital communications.

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